Game changing supply chain trainings

Welcome to Solventure’s brandnew business unit: Solventure Academy!

Are you looking for supply chain trainings with that little extra? With quality content that you can instantly put to use in improving your SiOP processes? A no-nonsense approach with firm origins in real business environment implementations? Supported by continuous academic research? And brought to you in an energizing and fast-pacing way?

Then you’re already one step ahead by visiting this website! You can find more information on our Accelerator Days and Boostcamps on this page, and on their dedicated sections.

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Our Accelerator Days, on various topics within the supply chain planning domain, following the scope of the SiOP process, aim to refresh and hone your skills through a one-day workshop. Not simply a major upgrade to the well-known and highly appreciated seminars Solventure has been organizing for nearly a decade, but an improved, high standard day of training is what you can expect. Stuffed with quality content, full of interaction, supported by meaningful exercises and break-out sessions, these fast-pacing days promise to deliver you at least one practical working point to improve your SiOP process, starting next business day.

Want to join us on a cross-industry, peer-to-peer, and energizing journey?

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Are you in need to expand your team’s knowledge and skills on any topic within the supply chain domain? Do you want to organize training and improvement workshops, but seek to avoid generic and mostly theoretical content? Looking to let your employees become a self-supporting and always questioning team, with continuous improvement in their mind?

That’s where our Boostcamps come into play: training content specifically tailored to the needs of your business and your teams. These trainings fill up the gaps between the different levels of expertise of your employees, make sure they are aligned and understand the similarities, differences, and synergies between their role and that of their colleagues. Next to that, we make sure the takeaways are such that the team can start their own journey on improving their skills and immediately put them to practical use into your planning processes.

Also, we have a vast experience in supporting supply chain planning challenges with tooling. Therefore, these Boostcamps can also include enhanced understanding of the workings of your software and its parameters that are already in place, as part of the overall training material.

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Sharing insights and knowledge on supply chain topics is essential for all management level within a company on the condition that the content reflects the challenges and hurdles they are tackling. In order to provide a platform for strategic discussions and business excellence, the Solventure Academy organizes Charger Sessions. These conferences are designed to create, discuss and challenge the holistic view of supply chain and how the alignment of the different planning processes can be established.

So, are in charge of connecting the dots of a business strategy with a supply chain strategy while linking this to the right business performance metrics? Then we’re eager to network with you on our next Charger Session.

Solventure Academy clearly doesn’t come popping out of thin air, and in its essence is an obvious next step after the range of successful seminars and customized in-company masterclasses organized by the mother company Solventure – your supply chain planning software implementation partner – during the last decade.

To enable focus on training approach, content generation, and continuous knowledge sharing, Solventure Academy will now take up these training activities as a separate business unit, and thus pursue the excellent quality standard our customers deserve.

Take a look at our Accelerator Days and Boostcamps pages to find out more about our approach.

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Truth be said, Solventure Academy is not the only nor the first company that will offer advanced training in supply chain topics. However, we have the strongest conviction that the company deserves more than its place in this domain, because we have a few cards up our sleeve, which make us different from our friendly competitors.

Let’s take a look at them:

  • Vast experience in real-life implementations of supply chain process improvements, in various industries on a global and local scale. Our training content and approach are founded on actual and practical applications, and do not remain a purely theoretical exercise. Takeaways are immediate after training sessions, and can be put to use next business day so to speak.
  • Continuously in touch with ongoing academic research. Within the Solventure group, supporting and incubating academic research on various topics concerning supply chain planning is part of our DNA. Be it on leading indicator forecasting, multi-echelon inventory optimizations, promotions forecasting, or other, wherever academic results were achieved, the Solventure group has made sure they are made into actionable and practical results and approaches in a short time, thus supporting businesses of all kind to tackle their challenges ahead.
  • Broad domain of supply chain skillsSolventure Academy is not focused on say inventory management only, or say forecasting. As the Solventure group always has supported companies in improving their entire supply chain, with all its various aspects that come into play, we have a broad and strong range of capabilities within the field. And we are eager to share that expertise in the most efficient and useful way.
  • A profound knowledge on how to support supply chain planning with the appropriate tooling solutions. Implementing, configuring, and tailoring advanced supply chain planning software and tooling for our customers. That’s what Solventure’s main activity has been. For more than a decade. Needless to say more… Apart perhaps from this small note: please don’t regard Solventure Academy as a sales channel for Solventure’s supply chain planning tool, because that’s not our aim. But, as we carry in our genes the genuine conviction that thorough and efficient supply chain planning cannot be done on the back of a napkin, we are fully aware of the challenges that lie ahead in understanding and correctly using supporting software tools. And that’s where Solventure Academy can help, assessing the capabilities of the tools currently in use, on a neutral basis, as a training partner.